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10 Insanely Fun Camping Games for Kids

Camping is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends, but it can often lead to idle periods that can leave the young ones feeling a bit restless. Camping games for kids can ease this restlessness and help to make a camping trip more memorable and enjoyable. The best part is that these games don’t require a lot of preparation or expensive equipment. All you need is a bit of imagination and the outdoors become your playground!

1. Create a Story: Create a story together. Take turns adding a sentence to it, and see where the conversation takes you by the end. This game is sure to keep everyone entertained, and you’ll end up with some funny tales.

2. Flashlight Tag: A twist on the classic tag that’s especially great for nighttime camping. You need two or more people to play, one person is “it” with the flashlight, and the others try to get away from the light. The last one caught is the new “it”.

3. Camping Scavenger Hunt: Before your camping trip, think of a list of items, such as pinecones, large rocks, or leaves and ask your group to collect them. Whoever collects the most items wins a small prize.

4. Shadow Puppets: Put on a show with your own homemade shadow puppet theatre. Cut a hole in a large piece of cardboard and point a flashlight through it while everyone takes turns creating their own shadow puppet stories.

5. Water Balloon Toss: Fill a few water balloons and split up into teams of two. Take turns tossing the water balloons back and forth to each other. Whoever can throw and catch the balloon the most times wins the game.

6. Egg Toss: While this game can sound intimidating, it’s easy to set up and play. Take a plastic egg for each team, stand in a line and take turns tossing the egg back and forth. See how far down the line you can go without dropping the egg.

7. Gongoozle: This game is great for kids and adults alike. All you need is a rubber ball and a target. Each player takes turns throwing the ball at the target and whichever player hits it the most times wins the game.

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8. Marshmallow Sniper: Marshmallows, skewers and a bit of imagination is all it takes to create a game of Marshmallow Sniper. Split up into two teams and each player takes turns trying to skewer the marshmallows with the skewers. Keep score and the team with the most points wins!

9. Nature Relay: Split up and give each team an identical list of objects to find. It could be items like a handful of moss, a leaf from a certain tree, a walnut shell and so on. Whoever finds all the items on the list the fastest wins.

10. Hiking Scavenger Hunt: Turn your hike into a game by creating a scavenger hunt. You can set your own rules and decide which items to find. Make a list of wildlife, plants, types of trees, bird sounds or any other items you come across while exploring. Whoever finds the most items on the list by the end of the hike wins.

Camping games for kids provide hours of entertainment, and can make a camping trip a lot more fun. Whether you’re at the campsite or out in the woods, there’s plenty of opportunities to get creative and have a blast. So, the next time you’re camping, be sure to give some of these games a try!

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