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7 Cheap Camping Gifts For Under $10

Not everything useful for camping costs a fortune, even though that is what we have become accustomed to. Even in the world that created the $40 Yeti 5 gallon bucket, you can still find reasonably priced survival and camping gear.

To that end, take a look at 7 cheap camping gifts priced under 10 bucks.

1) Tactical Spork

Cool piece of camping gear.

What else do I have to say, a tactical spork, how can you beat that. Part knife, part spoon and part fork.

Get it here for under $10.

2) 12 in 1 Camp Scissors

Camps scissors make great cheap camping gifts

When overlanding or even just camping, space is a major concern. You just can’t bring everything and that makes those tools that do it all, indispensable. This is the case with the Coleman 12 in 1 Camp Scissors.

So what does it do?

These scissors can be a:

  1. Knife.
  2. Screwdriver.
  3. Magnet.
  4. Can Opener.
  5. Wrench.
  6. Fish Scaler.
  7. Nut Cracker.
  8. Jar Wrench.
  9. Wire Stripper.
  10. Wire Cutter.
  11. Bottle Opener.
  12. Scissors (Who’d have thought).

Get it here for under $10.

3) 6 in 1 Survival Bracelet

Another do it all device that can save your butt. If you have ever watched Survivorman, you know that he tested out a similar bracelet on the show.

The beauty of this item is that you can wear it or simply attach it to a pack and it is just there when you need it. And when you do need it, it can become a:

  1. Paracord Rope.
  2. Compass.
  3. LED Emergency Flashlight.
  4. Fire Starter.
  5. Emergency Knife.
  6. Emergency Whistle

Get it here for under $10.

4) Collapsible LED Lantern

Not all of your lighting has to cost an arm and a leg. These lanterns are super bright and the battery life is more than acceptable. No, they are not rechargeable, but I think we all know that rechargeable batteries quicly lose their capability.

Get it here for under $10.

5) Camp Soap Sheets

What, are you going to carry a bar of soap around with you? Good luck with that not being a hot mess by day 2 in the woods. Make your life easier and get a pack of much easier to handle soap sheets.

Get it here for under $10.

6) Snake Bite Kit

Better safe than sorry, just be sure to use your kit right. Remember, the goal is to stop the flow of venom, not to suck it all out. Anyway, a snake bite kick is cheap insurance and should make you feel all warm and fuzzy or prevent you from feeling warm and fuzzy if you git but I suppose.

Get it here for under $10.

7) Fire Starter

Sure, you could just bring a lighter, but where is the fun in that. Get a fire starter kit and do it like the contestants on Survivor.

Get it here for under $10.


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