Ford Edge 2 Inch Lift Kit

Ford Edge 2 Inch Lift Kit

Ford Edge has been one of the most popular mid-size SUVs on the market since its introduction in 2006. It is known for its unique styling, comfort, and great handling. If you’re an Edge owner, you may be looking for ways to enhance your vehicle’s performance and off-road capabilities. One way to do this is by installing a 2 inch lift kit on your Ford Edge.

What is a Lift Kit?

A lift kit is a suspension modification that elevates your vehicle by increasing the distance between the chassis and the ground. Lift kits come in various sizes, from 1 inch to 6 inches, depending on the vehicle’s make and model. The most common types of suspension lift kits are body lifts and suspension lifts.

Body lifts raise the vehicle’s body higher on the frame, while suspension lifts raise the entire vehicle by replacing or modifying the suspension components.

Why Install a Lift Kit?

There are several reasons why you might want to install a lift kit on your Ford Edge. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Off-Road Capabilities – A lift kit can provide more ground clearance, allowing you to tackle off-road trails and obstacles with ease.

Enhanced Visibility – A lifted Ford Edge provides a better view of the road, especially when driving in traffic or on uneven terrain.

Improved Aesthetics – A lifted vehicle has a more aggressive and distinctive look, which can enhance its appeal and increase its resale value.

Ford Edge 2 Inch Lift Kit

If you’re looking for a lift kit that’s perfect for your Ford Edge, you might consider the 2 inch lift kit. It’s an affordable and straightforward way of improving your vehicle’s off-road capabilities and appearance.

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The 2 inch lift kit includes everything you need to elevate your Ford Edge by two inches, including front and rear shocks, strut spacers, and all necessary hardware. Here are some of the benefits of adding this kit to your Ford Edge:

Improved Off-Road Performance – The 2 inch lift kit increases your Ford Edge’s ground clearance, allowing you to tackle steep inclines and rough terrain with ease.

Better Towing and Hauling Capabilities – A lifted Ford Edge can tow or haul heavier loads, thanks to its increased ride height.

Enhanced Style – The 2 inch lift kit makes your Ford Edge look more menacing and distinctive, making it stand out from the stock models.

Installation of the 2 inch lift kit is relatively easy, and you can do it at home with some basic mechanical knowledge and hand tools. However, it’s always recommended to have professional installation to ensure that everything is done correctly.


Installing a 2 inch lift kit on your Ford Edge is an excellent way to enhance its off-road capabilities and give it a unique look. It’s an affordable and straightforward modification that’s perfect for Edge owners who want to take their SUVs to the next level. With the right lift kit, you can improve your Edge’s performance, appearance, and resale value.

The article above is for entertainment purposes only. Consult a licensed mechanic for lift instructions for your vehicle.

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