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Great Hacks To Make Camping More Fun For Kids

Introducing camping to your kids is one of the best things that you can do, but you have to do so carefully. If you want them to grow up with a lifetime passion for camping, you need to make it fun. Here are some hacks to help you do that.

Ready to start a lifelong love for camping? Here are some ways to make your next camping trip more fun for your kids.

Make Camping More Fun For Kids

Camping is a great way to introduce your kids to the outdoors and there are many fun things you can do on a camping trip. The list below just scratches the surface, so above all else, do what your kids like to do.

  • Take advantage of the natural surroundings by exploring them with your kids. Find a creek or stream, go on a hike, or find some rocks to climb on. Make sure that you take a camera so that you can relive your adventures.
  • Bring plenty of games for the family and set up an outdoor play area in your campground. At this stage of the game, it is not just about roughing it, it is about taking what they do and bringing it outside. There will be time for more serious camping in the future.
  • A hungry kid is an unhappy kid. Pack some easy snacks like fruit, cheese, crackers, nuts, and granola bars so that you can enjoy them while hiking or playing outside. Be sure to bring snacks that your kid would eat at home to make camping more comfortable for them.
  • Plan some activities for when it gets dark out like stargazing and telling campfire stories. The night can be a scary time for kids, especially outdoors, so give them something to stay occupied.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a glow-stick. A few dollars spent at the dollar store on these beauties can turn a boring night at camp to a non stop fun adventure.
  • Make sure that you bring some comforts of home like a favorite blanket or a comforting stuffed animal. For a young child, it is not easy being away from home, especially when the sun goes down.
  • Let your kids help as much as possible. You might have a certain way of doing things and your kids probably have no idea at all what to do. That being said, they will still want to help and you should let them.
  • Keep your first few camping trips short. A one day and a night trip is just right for a kid. Any more and you risk them getting homesick.
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Plan The Perfect Family Camping Trip

The first thing you need to do is find a campsite that is close enough to your home, but far enough away so you can enjoy the experience. With kids, you want to minimize the travel time so that there excitement lasts all the way to the campsite. It is also nice being close to home, just in case something happens.

Next, find out what’s going on in your local area while you’re camping. They may be hosting festivals or events that are worth checking out! Once again, you need to remember that in the beginning, camping is not just about camping.

Also, make an ultimate camping checklist to make sure that you bring anything and everything that you need. You might be able to rough it, but your kids probably are not so willing.

Finally, go into you camping trip with a flexible attitude. Remember that your kids might not want to do all of the classic camping activities that you have in your head. Be flexible and have lots of ideas that kids can choose from.

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