Driving Up To Futura House

A Spaceship In Texas

So I woke up and got the itch to do a little exploring. Started doing some research online and found a Texas roadside attraction that was close to home that me and the kids could go take a look at. It is amazing how much interesting stuff is near your own home. You just have to look for it.

Anyway, I found a destination and then asked the boys, “do you want to go see a spaceship.” Like any 3 year old is going to say no to that. Unfortunately, this was a week day and the daughter, in first grade, would have to miss out.

So, me and the boys headed out on a chilly North Texas Morning. Yes, it gets cold in Texas. Of course our idea of deep winter cold is the high 30’s. If you are in the North, you might think we are spoiled, but come visit us in August and you will know suffering.

Futura House

The Futura House was built in the 1960s, designed by architect Matti Suuronen. The first one was built in Finland and they eventually spread through Europe and later to America. There were fewer than 100 built and less than 50 believed to be remaining.

Given the rarity of this home, it is bizarre to see one wasting away in a field in Royse City, TX.


It has clearly seen better days but it did have a fresh coat of orange paint on it. The interior, from what I have read, has a subfloor structure that has been modified from the original design but no actual flooring. A handful of unsecured pieces of plywood represent the extent of the decking. This meant that the kiddos, would have to stop at the door.

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Futura House Steps.

As for me, I am going in. You have to watch your step in there, as the plywood is just tossed in. The walls were littered with graffiti but nothing too graphic so it seemed somewhat fitting.

Inside Futura House Royse City TX.

Overall, a worthy little trip. If you find yourself in North Texas and need to kill a little time, go check it out. Just leave the spray paint at home.

You can find the house at:

9573 State Highway 276 W
Royse City, TX 75189

One More Roadside Attraction

On the way out to see the Futuro House, a building caught my eye and I made a mental note of the location. On the way home, I had to stop.

Abandoned House In Rockwall TX.

Something about an old abandoned house that makes you want to stop and stare. Someone once made their home there and it was filled with both good and bad memories.

End Of The Road

That was it. A fairly short trip but got some nice shots and the kids had fun. They always like riding around in the Jeep. My camping/overlanding trailer should be finished this weekend so we should start heading out on some longer adventures next week. Just me and the boys until the girl gets out of school. Lots of good stuff in store.

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