Tactical Gear You Need

These days, everything is tactical. Tactical this, tactical that. While it seems like just a catch phrase, it really has meaning. Take the term “tactical” to mean “multi use”. With overlanding, this isĀ  a great thing because space is always at a premium. Why carry a shovel, an ax and a knife when you can carry a tactical shovel that does it all.

As you can see, the multi use capability is the number one reason that you should consider tactical gear. But there is another reason…..It is just plain cool. Let’s take a look at some of the cooler categories and see some of the best tactical gear.


Flashlights have come a long way. Now, they not only light the way, but can also be uses to signal help, distract attackers and a whole lot more. Check out my picks for the best tactical flashlights that you can buy online right now.


Tactical Wrist Torch
Image Source Blackhawkurbansurvival.com

Gear Belts

You have got a lot of gear to carry and a tactical belt will help you keep it organized and within easy reach. Take a look at some of the best tactical belts on the market.

A tactical battle belt from Amazon.
Image Source Amazon.com


Don’t settle for a hiking backpack when you can get one of the best tactical backpacks. They hold your gear better, are more versatile and are often far more comfortable to use. They have the features that make going off grid with evrything that you need a lot easier.

80L Military style tactical backpack.
Image Source Blackhawkurbansurvival.com

Dog Gear

Your dog can use gear too. Take a look at some tactical dog gear that can help your four legged friend out on the trail. Need a harness, good leash or even a set of shoes for your canine? Find it here.

A German Shepherd weating a tactical dog harness.
Image Source Amazon.com.