Tips For Camping In a Mazda RX-27

Tips for Camping in a Mazda RX-7: Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Your Sports Car

As a fan of camping and off-road driving, I know how much fun it can be to pack up your gear, hit the road, and explore the great outdoors. But when you own a sports car like a Mazda RX-7, you might think that camping is out of the question. After all, these vehicles have limited space, no room for a roof rack, and a reputation for being impractical. But I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely go camping in a Mazda RX-7, and have a blast doing it. Here are my top tips for making the most out of your camping adventures with your favorite sports car.

1. Pack smart and light

The key to camping in a Mazda RX-7 is to pack smart and light. Leave your bulky tents and heavy sleeping bags at home, and instead opt for lightweight camping gear that can fit in your car without taking up too much space. A good backpacking tent, a compact sleeping pad, and a lightweight sleeping bag are all great options that won’t weigh you down. When it comes to food, plan meals that don’t require too much cooking or cleanup, and bring non-perishable snacks to munch on throughout the day.

2. Be strategic with your storage

While the Mazda RX-7 doesn’t have a ton of storage space, there are a few tricks you can use to make the most of what you’ve got. First, invest in a set of packing cubes or compression sacks to keep your gear organized and compact. You can also use the space behind the seats to store smaller items, like your backpack or a cooler. Finally, consider investing in a storage box that can fit in your trunk or on your passenger seat, and that can double as a table or a seat when you’re at the campsite.

3. Upgrade your car’s suspension

One of the challenges of driving a sports car on rough terrain is that the suspension is usually too low and too stiff to handle the bumps and ruts of off-road driving. However, you can upgrade your suspension to make your Mazda RX-7 more capable on different terrains. Look for a suspension kit that is designed for your specific make and model, and that includes shock absorbers, springs, and sway bars that can improve your car’s handling and stability.

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4. Choose your campsite wisely

When camping in a Mazda RX-7, you’ll need to be strategic about choosing your campsite. Look for sites that are accessible by car, but that are also off the beaten path and away from other campers. This will give you more flexibility and privacy, as well as the opportunity to explore the natural surroundings without too much competition. You can also look for sites that offer amenities like running water or electricity, to make your camping experience more comfortable.

5. Embrace the unique challenges of camping in a sports car

Finally, it’s important to have a sense of humor and a willingness to embrace the unique challenges of camping in a sports car. Sure, you might have to sacrifice some space and comfort, and you might get some weird looks from other campers when you pull up in your Mazda RX-7. But remember that you’re doing something different and fun, and that you’re exploring the outdoors in a unique and exciting way. So don’t be afraid to take some risks, try new things, and enjoy the ride.

In conclusion, camping in a Mazda RX-7 is not as daunting as it might seem. With a bit of planning, creativity, and a willingness to embrace the challenge, you can have an amazing and memorable camping experience in your sports car. So pack up your gear, hit the road, and enjoy the great outdoors in style!

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