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What Exactly Is Geocaching?

Have you ever wondered what geocaching is? Let’s take a look at this increasingly popular hobby and learn how you go about taking up geocaching.

We like to keep things simple around here, so let’s start with the simple explanation. Geocaching is like a huge scavenger hunt that takes advantage of the GPS capabilities of your smart phone. Once you sign up for an account, you can get the location of treasures that have been hidden by other geocachers (?is that a word?).

With the location in hand, or on your phone, you can then track down the prize and log your discovery. You then move on to the next geocache, leaving the treasure in place. In some instances, it may be acceptable to remove the treasure , but you need to leave something of equal value behind.

More On Geocaching

Now, for the more detailed description.

Geocaching is a way for millions of people to play a game together and even better, the game is always changing. One day the prize you find might be a large and very obvious box and another it could be something tiny, cleverly disguised as a piece of nature. This constant change keeps geocaching interesting, which is why so many people enjoy and love the hobby.

Why Geocaching?

There are a number of reasons that people love geocaching.

One is that it is a way to get into nature and keep things interesting. There are just so many pointless hikes that you can take through the woods. Geocaching adds a purpose to your journey so that you are going out in nature for a reason.

Another reason to love geocaching is that you just never know what you are going to find. With almost any other hobby, you have an expectation for what will happen at the end. There is more surprise with this hooby, which is why people generally decide to stick with it.

Who Can Take Part In Geocaching?

If you can hike, you can take part in geocaching. It is a particularly good way to get your family involved in nature. Tell your kids that you want to go for a walk in the woods and you will likely be met with blank faces. Tell them that you want to go hunt for treasure and the reaction will generally be quite different.

In addition, you do not have to be someone with unlimited time to participate in this hobby. Whether you have an hour to kill or an entire day to burn, there will be a hunt ready for you.

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What Are The Benefits Of Geocaching?

This hobby is more about just killing time. There are a number of real benefits that go along with participation.

For example, if you have a great spot in nature that you want to share, you can add your own geocache. This will encourage others to explore and is a way for you to indirectly share your knowledge.

Exercise can also not be overlooked. Geocaching will encourage you to get out there and move. Entertain yourself out in nature instead of just mindlessly watching television.

Getting Started

So, you have learned what geocaching is and are ready to get started. So, just how do you do that.

First, you need to sign up for an account that will get you access to the locations of geocaches. Then simply pick a prize and go after it. Just be sure to follow a few unwritten rules of the sport.

Geocaching Rules

As with any activity there are some rules that you need to follow, many of them being unwritten.

  1. Leave No Trace
    This means leave no trace that you have been there. Follow marked trails and do not be a trailblazer. Also whatever you pack in must be packed out. No leaving trash in nature.
  2. Don’t Spoil The Hunt
    When you log your activities, be careful not to spoil the hunt for others. There is such a thing as being too detailed and you need to leave some mystery for those who will follow.
  3. Play Before You Hide
    You probably want to get right into making your own geocaches, but play the game a bit first. Try to go out and find at least a dozen caches before making your own.
  4. Take Something, Leave Something
    If you take something from a geocache, be sure to leave something of equal or greater value.
  5. Be Discreet
    Not everyone gets or even knows what geocaching is. When discovering or hiding a geocache, use some discretion to keep those not in the hobby from discovering it.
  6. Avoid Trespassing
    All of the traditional rules of hiking apply, such as not trespassing.
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