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When nature calls and you are in nature, you have to be prepared. For some of us that might mean doing your business in the open air but that is not always an option. If you are camping with women or in an area where you need to show a bit of discretion, you are going to need some camping bathroom solutions. Here is a good one.

This portable bathroom solution is actually rather affordable and you can put it together for under 50 dollars. Here is what you need.

A Privacy Shelter

I chose this Pop Up Pod from Amazon. It offers the privacy that you need and literally just pops up into shape. As you can see, it was very popular from the beginning.

Pop Up Pod As A Portable Bathroom Solution.

The only work involved with this little beauty is staking it down. I will warn you though that it is a bit tricky to fold up. It folds up instantly, but you have to bend it in a particular way. Get this down before you go camping.

A Good Seat

Next, you are going to need a good seat. Nothing fancy here, just a basic plastic seat that fits on top of a bucket. Trust me, you are not going to find anything anywhere that you are going to want to read a magazine sitting on. This toilet seat from Amazon fit the bill.

Don’t buy the bucket online though, shipping would be ridiculous. I found that the buckets that Walmart sold worked the best. The toilet seat snapped onto it very securely.

Something To Catch The “You Know”

Now, down to the heart of the matter. How are you going to store and pack out this material. You can buy those fancy toilet bags but they get expensive and frankly there is a better solution.

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Get some sturdy 13 gallon kitchen trash bags and a jug of kitty litter. Install the bag in the bucket, add some kitty litter and then place the seat on top to secure the bag in place. Voila, the perfect portable throne.

The kitty litter will do a great job of both absorbing liquids and keeping the odor down. If you are going to be in camp for more than a day, you can just add a little more to the top occasionally.

One tip here, do not cheap out on the bags. Buy a good name brand or one that you are confident in.

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