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Great Camping Gifts For Him Or Her

I often get asked to help someone think of an idea for camping gifts. If you are not into camping, it can be difficult to choose just the right gift and you are often at the manufacturers mercy. This often leads to purchases for gear that is really just not useful for a camper.

If you need to get a camper in your life a great Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas gift, here are some ideas for camping gifts for him or her.

Coleman Gas Camping Stove

Not everything can be done on the fire easily. This beautiful little two burner stove can come in handy and at under $50 makes a great gift. It also folds up into a compact self contained package making it easy to throw into your rig or camp trailer.

A camping gift for him, a stove.

This stove is a timeless design that has been around seemingly forever. It comes with a wind block, sets up in seconds and is easy to clean. Literally one of the first things I bought for camping.

Get it for around $50 here.

Vont LED Lanterns

Traditional lanterns are a big pain in the butt and dangerous for that matter. Nobody wants to deal with Kerosene and they are not as bright as an LED lantern anyway. Pick up a pair of these little beauties for under $20 and be a hero.

A camping gift for her, lights.

There are several things that make these little guys a winner for a gift. They are super bright, compact and adjustable. You can control the light by simply raising or lowering the lamp in its case. In a world of rechargeable, I also like the fact that these use basic batteries.

Rechargeable batteries lose the ability to hold a charge over time and it is way too easy to forget to recharge them before a trip. With these, just toss a new pack of double A’s in your bag and you are good to go.

Get these here for around $20.

Core Instant Tent

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of my Core instant up tent. How can you beat a tent that you can put up in 30 seconds?

My Core instant Tent.

The above one is a 4 person tent that I last used camping in Tyler, TX. Note the open roof which is AWESOME on nice nights. It also comes with a rainfly for those not so pleasant or colder nights. The tent is well thought out, easy to use and the customer service from CORE has been top notch.

Get it here for around $100.

Gerber Multi Tool

With camping, you have to make choices and you can not take everything. This is where multi use tools come in handy. Now, admittedly, a lot of multi use items are gimmicky and just plain crap. The exception is the multi tool.

Multi Tool Gift

Every camper should have a multi tool, but it needs to be a good one. You have to look for a quality item that will not break or rust up. It is hard to ignore the ratings on this little beauty.

Get it for around $40.

Everlit Survival First Aid Kit

First aid is important but not really all that cool, unless you put it in a cool looking Molle bag. Molle bags are all the rage these days for civilian use. They are compact, handy and just plain look cool when mounted up to a camping rig.

Molle Bag Gift

This 250 piece kit from Everlit is a steal for the price.

Get it here for around $40.

Powerlix Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Bag

There is nothing worse than sleeping on the hard ground at the end of a long day. No, wait there is one thing worse, lugging around a bulky air mattress. That is where this ultralight inflatable comes in.

Inflateable mattress gift

At only 4 inches by 11 inches, there is room for this mattress in just about any pack. Oh and it also comes with a lifetime warrant.

Get it here for around $40.


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